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Online Guitar Lessons via Skype

Schedule Arrangement

After communicating via email or telephone using the contact link above, discussing your guitar lesson goals, music genres and related techniques, my teaching philosophy and any questions/concerns you may have, we can proceed to arrange for a time to meet via Skype and then exchange Skype usernames. If you would like to confirm a decent internet connection/speed, you can video call me online via Skype in advance, although I do not require it. My local time is Eastern Time Zone in Canada.

♫ Between lessons, as well as in advance of the first lesson, I regularly send ideas such as studies, jam tracks (mp3's), lead riffs, chord charts, improv. scales, theory sheets, strum patterns, fingerstyle techniques and various other good things to work on throughout your week of routine practicing. I can at times share files during the lesson, as long as it doesn't interrupt the connection on the your end (another device can be used, or I can share after the lesson if need be). All manuscripts and tabs will be shared online in PDF format.

♪ The first lesson is a 30 minute free trial. Please do not hesitate to share with me your favorite tunes and genres of music which interest you the most on the guitar. I am always glad to transcribe and arrange ideas which my students find most inspiring and motivating to learn! I have tabbed and arranged hundreds of songs for the guitar and I am eager to share my teaching method, regarding learning to play by ear - a valuable skill when learning to play from recordings.

Fees, Payment Method & Procedure

As mentioned above, the first lesson is complimentary. If the student chooses to register for scheduled lessons, lesson fees may be paid in one of the three following ways:
1) Individual payments, 4 one-hour lessons, discounts - 1st lesson $45, 2nd lesson $40, 3rd lesson $40, 4th lesson $35.
  2) 4 one-hour lessons payment  $155.
  3) 8 one-hour lessons payment  $295.

At times, as also my cancellation policy is concerned, I will make exceptions/re-arrangements for make-up lessons, due to special circumstances which I understand can arise. In my years of teaching experience, I rarely have a student who cancels or has to re-arrange more than once per 8 lessons. Notice for a cancellation is to be given at a minimum of 24 hours in advance of the booked lesson.

A 1 hour "one - off" lesson is offered for a fee of $55. In the event that a student would like just one lesson, we first communicate by email in order for me to get a good idea regarding proper preparation related to his/her goals for the session. After I have the information I need to properly prepare, we can then schedule the online lesson, after which payment, as described below, is carried out.

♫ Paypal is the method of payment. After confirming a lesson time, I will send you a PayPal invoice via email. Payment is to be received at least 48 hours in advance of the booked lesson time, or a cancellation will result. If you prefer, after payment has been received via PayPal, I will send you confirmation, either by email or Skype. The lesson(s) must begin on a date no later than 2 weeks after the payment date.

♪ You can use PayPal to convert to the local currency - the payment must be converted to CAD Canadian dollars. Be sure to take note of the date of payment for your own bank statement reviewing.

♫ For both student and teacher track records, after each lesson I will send you an email confirming and dating the lesson having taken place. All you need to do is reply, stating in the message body your Skype username - this acts as a receipt for each concluded lesson.

Digital Requirements

♪ For the student, a laptop, desktop computer with webcam, or a mobile device will suffice. On my end, I use an HD pro camera which captures acutely everything I demonstrate during the lesson. Do not feel the need to use anything high-end that would require a great investment. More important than high definition is the lack of significant signal lag and reasonable clarity.

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