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Here is a diagram / literal display, of the notes of the guitar neck up to the twelfth fret. The notes in the first position (natural only - excluding the sharps and flats), are bolded, so as to highlight those which correspond to the manuscript below. As soon as possible, memorize where these first position notes are both played on the guitar, and also where they are on the page (when reading music). Keep in mind that the distance between B & C and E & F is a half-step (sometimes called a half-tone, which is the distance of one fret on the guitar). All other adjacent alphabet notes are the distance of a whole-step apart, there being a sharp/flat between each.

Name the notes as you play them, both ascending and descending. Descending is arguably more effective in really memorizing them, as we are forced to think more about each note letter's place on the neck, as we usually do not habitually practice saying the alphabet backwards, although that's a good idea for passing time while in a long line at the market - maybe not aloud though!

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