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Warm-up for Classical Guitarists

This warm-up idea utilizes all two-finger left-hand combinations, while using two right-hand fingerings, which take care of the bass and treble strings separately. Each fingering is played in the second position and then repeated in the eighth position before moving on to the next one. After using this daily for two-three weeks, the guitarist may choose to change the order, use different right hand combinations, play it in other positions or alter it in another way which suits the needs (recognized shortcomings) of the individual playing style at hand. After memorizing the exercise and becoming fluent in all combinations in both positions, I recommend a bit of thinking on the student's part to decide which difficult combinations to repeat the most, while leaving the easy ones to played only a few times. This is the discipline while choosing to really study an instrument - to focus on the most challenging parts, ignoring the simple parts for a while. This is the necessary work. Technically, in neglecting (so to speak) the easy parts, we grow/improve the most.

Have fun with this technical exercise and see after a few weeks of repetition (minimum 8-10 times daily) how it adds fluency to your warm-up. Play it before guitar lessons, as a warm-up to practising at home and while waiting in pesky traffic jams in your vehicle (at your own risk!).

Stay tuned for more technique ideas!    - S. Weiss

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